Metal Cast Metallic Coating is a water based metal coating and casting material for lining moulds or coating existing surfaces

An environmentally friendly powder and acrylic activator formulated using real aluminium powder to create beautiful, authentic metallic homewares. When lining a mould a suitable backing material is required, i.e hydroflow or totalCAST.

  • Available in a brushed aluminium finish
  • Perfect for coasters or any mould which is easily coated with a paint brush
  • When used as a coating, patterns can be created in newly poured Metal Cast using a variety of tools
  • Solvent free, no VOC's
  • Ideal for creating textured art pieces on wooden boards
  • Tools & mixing containers can be cleaned with water after use
  • Can be demoulded in 1-2 hours, for best results wait 4-5 days before buffing to a soft sheen
  • Everything you need in a handy 400g kit

How to use Metal Cast Metallic Coating/Casting material


  Mix ratio   3 parts powder to 1 part liquid activator
  Drying time    approx. 30 minutes, demould in 1-2 hours, can be abraded after 4-5 days  
  Pot Life   10-15 minutes 
  Shelf life   9 months



Thoroughly mix at a ratio of 3:1 powder to liquid, you can adjust the ratio up and down to suit the viscosity you require. If you are using Metal Cast to coat a surface then the mix can be made slightly more viscous so that it self-levels.


When lining a mould a suitable backing material is required, i.e. hydroflow or total CAST Art Resin.

Using a mould - Immediately apply Metal Cast to the mould in a 1-2mm thick coat using a paint brush or spatula, ensuring all areas are covered. Leave to cure for 20 - 30 minutes before pouring the backing material.
Coating existing surfaces - dependant on how smooth or textured you want the surface to be, apply Metal Cast using a brush or trowel to achieve the desired result.

For best results leave the coating to harden for 4-5 days before lightly abrading with 0000 grade wire wool or Scotch-Brite Pads. This will ensure the Metal Cast is completely dry and give the best brushed aluminium finish.

Metal Cast Technical Data Sheet PDF

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Metal Cast Metallic Coating 400g

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